HD Production Truck Rental

Shelby TV’s Production Truck was built with flexibility in mind. From football to ballet, our truck can handle any production.

Built in 2015, the truck is HD, capable of either 720p or 1080i outputs. The output can also be down-converted for clients with an analog infrastructure. It has been used throughout the state of Michigan for live telethons, community town hall meetings, professional sporting events, high school sporting events, parades, Congressional debates and more.

Clients can either request a crew for positions or provide their own trained crew members. For more information and rates call 586-254-7130, or e-mail shelbytv@shelbytwp.org.

Production Truck Technical Specifications:

  • 4 Sony HSC-300R Digital HD Triax Production cameras
  • 7 auxiliary inputs
  • Ross Carbonite Switcher
  • Newtek 3Play Playback/Instant Replay (records 4 routed inputs simultaneously, 2 playback channels)
  • Compix downstream Graphics
  • Mackie 16 Channel Audio Mixer
  • BlackMagic SSD Recorders
  • Internet streaming via Teradek Slice Encoder (Facebook Live, YouTube etc.)
  • 1.000 ft Fiber booth kit: two-way HD-SDI, Composite, analog audio, Data
  • 3 upstream external SDI color converters (usually used for GoPro feeds)
  • 2 Teradek Beam 5gHz Wireless SDI transmitters/receivers (for ENG cams, GoPros, other video sources)
  • Telex 2-channel intercom system (Production line, Talent line)
  • Additional floor/stage manager intercoms
  • Talent/Sports Announcer Cough/Talkback boxes
  • Wireless/wired IFB for on-camera talent
  • Decimater Up/Down/Cross converters
  • Capable of sending program or auxiliary video/audio feeds (in-house projectors, monitors etc.)
  • Shore power or two on-board generators

Shelby TV operates three local channels on Comcast, Wide Open West, and AT&T U-Verse.

Shelby TV programming may be seen throughout Shelby Township and the City of Utica. Shelby TV reaches over 25,000 households.

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